Thank you for your order! We appreciate your business.

Artwork requirements: 300dpi image (pdf, png, or vector. In some cases a large jpg will be fine).

Designing or overhauling artwork has a fee of $35 per hour, which will be discussed before billing. If artwork is lo-res we will need replacement artwork before we can proceed with your job, but we’ll let you know in due course.

Payment: At least 50% deposit is required to begin production on your job. Any delays in receiving and processing your deposit will delay turnaround time.

We can take credit cards (Stripe: 2 business days), (Square: 1 business day), Paypal (1 business day), Google Wallet (minutes). We can also take checks (2 business days) and good ol’ cash (instant). The remainder of the invoice must be paid upon, or before, pick up.

Shipping time/weekends/holidays need to be taken into consideration when receiving blank garments from our suppliers. Deposits by Stripe on a Friday will not show up with us until the following Tuesday, for example. Holidays will also add another day.

As soon as we have your deposit your print job will be placed in the queue.

~Our pricing includes a nominal charge for credit card processing fees.

Misprints: We pride ourselves on having little to no misprints. If a misprint occurs, a replacement shirt will be used, either the exact size and style, or the most similar we have on hand. For example: You have 10 medium red shirts and one is misprinted, we will replace it with a red shirt of the same size, or closest size on hand.